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Active Wear, Sports Wear And Other Sports Clothing Sets, Tops And Leggings. All Intent Mx Lifestyle And Sports Products Can Be Used As A Fashion Accessory, A Main Outfit To Enhance Your Lifestyle Or Training Performance Wear To Keep You On The Top Of Your Game Whilst Looking Sharp With The Natural Curves Of Your Body. Don’t Compromise On Comfort, Quality Or Performance.

There Are Many Different Model Types When It Comes To Active Wear And Sports Wear Clothing. So Getting What Is Right For You Is Important. Men And Women Both Care, Or Should Care About Their Appearance. And, When You Take The Time To Nurture Your Body And Mind In Gym, On The Bike And In Your Everyday Life. Upholding Yourself And The Clothes You Wear Become An Important Factor When Expressing Your Character, Body Definition And Overall Personal Integrity.

As Briefly Explained On The Mx Lifestyle Clothing Page; Active Wear Tops, Active Wear Shorts And Active Wear Leggings Are The Most Common Active Wear And Sports Wear Clothing Products Used By Active Men And Women All Over The World.

High Quality Active Wear Brands? Intent Active Wear, Ryderwear, Nike, DoYouEven, Stax, Cotton On, Lorna Jane, Rockwear, The Iconic, Gym Shark, Amelia Active Wear, SHEIN, LNDR And Echt Apparel.

What Are Some Primary Features You Might Look For When Searching For The Right Active Wear Set, Active Wear Top, Active Wear Shorts Or Active Wear Leggings For You?

Active Wear Seams & Seam lines

1. Seams & Seam lines: Some People Don’t Mind Seams, Some People Love Them And Then Some People Absolutely Hate Any Seam-lines. So Bottom Line, It Comes Down To Personal Preference, Your Body Type And The Style You’re Going For. Active Wear With Strategically Placed Seamlines Can Really Work Bringing Out The Natural Curves On The Human Body. So In Short, Seamlines Can Be Of Benefit And Can Really Look Good If They Work. But Keep In Mind That Can Get Messy And Take Away The Natural Shape Of Your Body. So Just Experiment And Find What Works For You And Your Body!

Active Wear Tights Waist Height And Waist Band Width

2. Waist Height And Waist Band Width/Thickness: Why Does This Matter? Because Style, Functionality And Comfort Matters.  High Waisted Active Wear Leggings Are The Most Common Sports Wear Leggings Available In 2022. Primarily Seamless High Waisted Active Wear Leggings And Shorts. A High Waist On Active Wear Leggings Or Shorts Is Preferred Due To Multiple Personal Factors But Ultimately High Waisted Leggings And Pants Are Far Better At Highlighting The Natural Curves Of A Woman’s Body. Bringing Out And Emphasising The Shape Of A Woman’s Waist, Hips, Bottom And Legs In A Confident And Safe Manner. Not Only Are High Waisted Active Wear Leggings Great For Appearance, They’re Also Much More Functional Then Standard Sports Wear Leggings And Shorts. High Waisted Leggings And Shorts Have A Much More Secure Fit And Levels Of Comfort Beyond The Competition. Active Wear Leggings And Shorts Generally Come In 3 Waist Heights And 3 Different Leg Lengths. Firstly, Waist Heights Are Either Standard Waist, High Waisted And Ultra High Waisted. These Waist Heights Are Determined By Sitting At Hip Height At The Top Of The Waist Band, High Waisted Generally Sit Just Below The Belly Button And Ultra High Waisted Sit Well Over The Belly Button And Extend To The Mid Back Half Way Up The Entire Length Of Your Back. These Key Differences In Active Wear Leggings And Shorts Waist Heights Is A Major Consideration When Finding What’s The Best Selection For Your Needs. Need Some Leggings Or Shorts That Are  Comfortable For You To Wear Around The House? Standard Waist Active Wear Leggings And Shorts Are Probably The Perfect Pant For You. Need Comfortable And Unrestrictive Sports Wear Pants For Fitness Training Or Long Hikes That You Know Will Stay In Place Without Irritation? High Waisted Active Wear Leggings And Shorts Are More Than Likely Exactly What You Need. Do You Really Need Versatile Sports Wear For You To Wear In The Gym That Allows You To See All Your Curves Without The Stress Of Your Pants Moving Mid Exercise Or Rep Set? Ultra High Waisted Active Wear Leggings And Shorts Will Fit You, Your Body And Your Needs Without A Doubt! With Ultra High Wasted Active Wear Tights You’ll Never Need To Stress About Your Leggings Moving And No Waist Band Slipping Down Your Back. The Waist Band Consists Of A Spandex/Nylon Articulated Fit And Is Purposely Designed And Constructed To Ergonomically Fit Tight Around Your Waist Above The Top Of Your Hips And Pelvis. Stay Confident With High Quality Intent Active Wear Leggings And The Features Entangled With All Of Our Sports Wear Tights.

Active Wear Sports Top Shape And Strap Width

3. Top Shape And Strap Width/Thickness: The Shape Of Our Active Wear Tights Is Designed And Constructed For Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality. This Is Where Craftship And Sports Wear Come Together. Whether You’re Wanting To Purchase Active Wear Tops, Leggings And Shorts For A Comfortable Lifestyle Clothing Choice Or To Enhance Your Appearance, There’s A Style For Every Need. This Where The Shape And Structure Of The Active Wear Comes In. Sports Wear Tops Can Vary In Style And Performance Characteristics A Lot. And Again, All Of These Variables Are A Direct Reflection Of Different Interpersonal Needs. Supportive Active Wear Tops And Sports Bras Are Similar But Are Also Different. And These Differences Are Characterised Within The Design Construction Of The Sprts Wear Top. Active Wear Tops Are Made To Look Great Whilst Still Providing Adequate Support For Women Who Live An Active Lifestyle. Whereas Sports Bras Are Designed For One Purpose Only And That Is To Provide Support With As Minimal Movement As Possible For Women Playing High Intensity Sports. Active Wear Tops Still Provide A Large Amount Of Support During Physical Activity Although They’re Also Designed As Lifestyle Clothing, A Fassion Accessory And A Comfortable Alternative To Standard Bras. Sports Wear Tops And Active Wear Tops Can Vary In Styles Dramatically. Tops With Standard Straps, Tops With Thick Straps And Tops With Thin Straps. Weaved, Cut And Designed In Many Different Strap Variations To Remain Unique, Provide A Range Of Personal Preferences And Always Remaining Relevant To Fassion Trends. Active Wear Tops Generally Share A Similar Band Around The Base Of The Top To Firmly Keep The Sports Wear Top In Place. As Well As Keeping The Top In Place, The Thicker Waist Band At The Base Of Our Active Wear Tops Helmet Spread Distribute The Supportive Load Accross A Larger Area Of Skin To Prevent Irritation And Enhance Comfort.

4. Fabric Type And Size Fit

Many Different Active Wear Set, All Sports Wear And All Lifestyle Clothing Are Constructed From Many Different Fabric Compositions. Fitting Active Wear Always Used Utilising Quality Fabrics Composed Of Nylon, Spandex And Polyester. Fabrics That Are High In Nylon, Spandex And Polyester Are Always Stretched Tested And Will Never Disappoint With Restriction Free Movement And Longevity.  High Abrasion Resistance And Wear And Tear Tolerance. Also, Correct Sizing Is Key To Really Enjoying The Benefits Of Any Clothing Item Although It Is Especially Important When It Comes To Active Wear. Regardless To Garment Type, We Have Done Our Very Best To Insure Our Lifestyle Products Have The Whole Package. The Whole Package Including The Very Best Of Our Mx Lifestyle Clothing And Active Wear Apparel Overall Quality. With Sizing, Fabric Preparation, Fabric Composition And Product Structure Designed From The Ground Up. Equating To An Active Wear Top, Full Length Leggings And Shorts A Step Above Any Other Sports Wear Brand. Providing High Quality Active Wear Unparalleled In Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality.

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Shop The Intent Mx Store. – High Quality Australian Owned Motocross Gear Designed And Aimed Directly at Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality.

World Class Motocross Gear Built For All Riders To Keep You Feeling Good, Riding Good And Looking Good.

Unprecedented Designs And Unparalleled Performance. Be Bold, Be Different. Live Fast And Ride Faster With High Flow Infinite Stretch Motocross Gear.

Browse The Intent Mx Store To Shop All Mx Gear Sets, Jerseys, Pants And Gloves. High Quality Motocross Products, Comfort Guarantee. 

Browse The Intent Mx Clothing Store To Shop All Apparel, Lifestyle Clothing, Sports Apparel And Accessories. Including SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops And More Clothing Accessories. High Quality Clothing Products, Comfort Guarantee.

Motocross Athletes, Supercross Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Trail Riders And All Of Those Who Share The Passion For Dirt Bikes. – Our Range Of Motocross Gear And Clothing Were Built With Passion, Innovation And The Desire To Be Better; For You.

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Intent Mx Is An Australian Owned Motocross Brand Of High Quality Motocross Gear, Mx Accessories And Casual Clothing. Based In Adelaide, South Australia; Support An Australian Business. And, Be Provided With High Quality Motocross Gear, Snapbacks, Clothing And Wallets At An Affordable Price. Easy And Fast Express Shipping World Wide.

    Mx Gear Sets Including Mx Jerseys, Pants And Gloves. Sold Separately Or Bundled Into Gear Sets And Gear Combos. Our Motocross Gear Line Up Exceeds Any Prior Standards For Motocross Gear From Any Of The Biggest Mx Brands Out. Browse The Intent Mx Store For All Motocross Gear Set Combos, Mx Gear Sets And All Individual Products. Individual Dirt Bike Products Such As Our Range Of Jerseys, Pants And Gloves. World Class Motocross Gear Utilising Premium Fabrics With High Quality Workmanship, Fuelled By Innovation And Passion For Motocross. 

Australian Owned  | Shipping World Wide

Moral Motive | Company Fundamentals

We Are Here To Stay. Join Us – 100% Australian Owned Brand And Online Store. Defined By 4 Key Words; Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality.

So As It’s Been Stated. Our Products And Our Ethics As A Company Revolve Around Creating High Quality Motocross Gear And Clothing Accessories. Including Mx Jerseys, Pants And Gloves Persisting To Continue To Bring Innovational Progress Year On Year Out. With All Of Our Motocross Gear Line And Lifestyle Clothing. Whilst Restlessly Trying To Minimise The Price Tag, To Make All Of Our Mx Gear More Affordable For Everyone.

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All Motocross Gear We Provide Is Designed, Manufactured, Stored And Shipped With Love For The Product. The Brands Products Are Available In The Online Store And In All Available Retailers. Superior Levels  Of Functionality, Breathability, Comfort, Quality, Performance And Style. With High Quality, High Flow Infinite Stretch Mx Gear Far Beyond That Of Our Competitors. Intent Mx Is An Australian Owned Motocross Company With Product Integrity As A Key Priority.

Years Of Development, Thousands Of Hours Of Commitment And Ultimately Pursued With The Burning Desire For Innovational Progression. Followed By The Goal To Successfully Bring Intent Mx Into The Sport To Compete With The Biggest Mx Brands And Industry Leaders. We Intend On Doing This By Creating Products Optimised For Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality. Motocross Gear You Will Love And Love to Wear. 

Motocross Gear Combos And Gear Sets Available In Store. All Of Our Mx Gear Is Available In A Combination Of Different Colour Ways. Firstly, All Products In Store Are Available For Unique Individual Purchases Such As Our Mx Jerseys, Mx Pants And Mx Gloves. As Well Individual Purchases, You Can Also Buy From Our Line Up Of Motocross Gear Combos And Motocross Gear Sets. All Dirt Bike Gear Combos Include Our High End Infinite Motocross Jersey, Pant And Glove. Along Side Our Range Of Mx Gear Combos, Our Motocross Gear Sets Include Our High End Dirt Bike Jersey And Dirt Bike Pant. Both Options Create A Quick And Convenient Online Store Shopping Experience As Well As Offering A Cheaper Option To Buy Your Next Mx Gear Set Or Mx Gear Combo Online. With Free Fast Express Shipping And The Option To Pay Using AfterPay, PayPal or Any Credit Card. Browse The Intent Mx Store Online Today.

World Class Motocross Gear Built For All Riders To Keep You Feeling Good, Riding Good And Looking Good.

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Lifestyle Clothing & Sports Apparel | Shop The Clothing Store

Our Clothing And Sports Apparel Is Comfort And Quality Guaranteed. High Quality Sports Apparel And Clothing Is Made For You To Make Your Mark At The Motocross Track Or Event. Shop SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops And Accessories On The Online Intent Mx Store. Shop Our Clothing, Sports Apparel And Lifestyle Accessories To Compliment Any Clothing Combination or Mx Gear Set Up. Light Weight And Resistance Free Plush Infinite Stretch Fabric For Unrivalled Levels Of Comfort Without Compromising On Product Quality. SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops, Wallets And Clothing Accessories Are Of Top Quality. All Lifestyle Products Are All Available On The Online Intent Mx Store Now.

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Covid Face Masks & Covid Shipping Delays

As Most Would Be Aware, The Covid19 Virus Has Caused Havoc On Every Industry And Everyone’s Lives. From Losing Employment To Constantly Having To Wear Face Masks Everywhere We Go. Covid-19 And Compulsory Face Masks Has Changed The Way Each And Every One Of Us Go About Our Daily Lives. The Way You Shop Has Also Drastically Changed With E-commerce Online Shopping  Going Through The Roof. As You’d Expect, With Online Shopping Increasing Combined With Interstate And International Travel Restrictions Affecting Freight Companies And Business Travel. It Is Inevitable To Have Delays On Any Orders Regardless To The Product You’re Purchasing.

All Of Our Products Whether It Is A Snapback Hat, A T Shirt, A Face Mask, Dirt Bike Goggles, Mx Gloves Or A Set Of Motocross Gear. All Of These Products Will Be Subject To Delays With Shipping From Our Mx Store To Your Home. Face Masks Are Our Newest Product And Are Available In 9 Different Colours. Pink And Black, Teal And Black, Tan And Black, Grey And Black, Yellow And Black, Black And White, White And Black, Navy And White As Well As Maroon And White. All Of Our Face Masks Are Fully Adjustable With A Dual Layer Construction Consisting Of An Outer Layer That Is Slightly Firmer Than The Secondary Inner Layer Perfect For Proper Air Filtration To Minimise Your Risk Of Infection And Provide Comfort Like No Other Face Mask On The Market. High Quality Face Masks, Comfort Guaranteed.

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Check Out The Newest BlackOut Mx Gear Line; Sleek And Versatile.

Run One Set Of Pants With The Choice Of Multiple Jersey Designs. Stay Fresh On A Budget And Line Up In An Entirely New Look Each Gate Drop or Arvo Moto. Shop The Latest Black Out Mx Gear Line On Our Online Store Or A Known Retailer Of Intent Mx Gear. 1 Set Of Black Pants. Multiple Jersey Variations To Change It Up Each Ride At Your Next Race Day or Show. Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality.

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Also, Don’t Forget To Checkout The Health Supplements Including Health Foods Of Both Protein Bars And Keto Bars. Now Available In Our Online Health Store Is A Range Of Health Supplements And Health Foods. Including Smart Diet Solutions Protein Bars And Keto Bars. For Those Looking For An Energy Packed High Performance Health Food Bar With Little To No Sugar! These High Protein, Low Carbohydrate, High Unsaturated Fat And High Prebiotic Fibre Health Food Snack Size Health Food Will Keep You Performing At The Highest Athletic Level Without The Brain Fog Fatigue or Energy Crash. Build Muscle, Repair Damage Tissue And Stay Energised And Focused With Smart Diet Solutions Protein Bars And Keto Bars. Health Food That Tastes Good And Is Even Better For You

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 CBD Oil & Health Tinctures | Shop The Health Store

Also A Selection Of Quality Life Saving CBD Oils And Health Tinctures. Transcending Organics Produces A Large Variety Of Products Including 5000mg CBD, 2500mg CBD And 1000mg CBD Oil. As Well As Standard Full Spectrum CBD Oil, We Also Offer Transcending Organics Isolate CBD Oil And Transcending Organics 1000mg CBD + Melatonin. 1000mg Isolate CBD Oil Plus Melatonin Provides Pain Relief Combined With A Calming Relaxation Period To Aid With Sleep. Look Good, Feel Good, Ride And Recover Pain Free. Shop An Australian Brand Of High Quality CBD Oil. Transcending Organics CBD Oil Is 100% Non Psychoactive And Is A Trusted Australian CBD Tincture Health Supplement Brand. A CBD Product Used Multiple Times Daily For Nerve Pain And Muscle Spasticity. As Well As CBD Being Used For An Overall Healthier Body And Life. CBD Is Also Used For Joint Pain, Inflammation And Muscle Recovery. I Trust And Am Very Thankful To Have Access To Such A Great Quality CBD Product. 

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Shop All Motocross Gear Combos, Gear Sets, Jerseys, Pants And Gloves. All Products And Accessories Online And In Store Now. Aswell As Browsing Our Online Store For The Latest Lifestyle Apparel And Casual Clothing Line. Including SnapBack Hats, Shirts And Tank Tops. Premium SnapBack Hats, 6 Panel Customised Fit For All Day Comfort. All T Shirts, Tank Tops And Snapback Hats Are Constructed Using Premium Fabrics For Unparalleled Comfort And Quality. 

Australian Owned Motocross Gear, Lifestyle Apparel And Casual Clothing.

Our Range Of Products Were Built With Passion, Innovation And The Relentless Desire To Be Better; For You. 

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The Online Store Site Map Is Intended To Be A Comprehensive User Friendly Directory Of Our Site And Mx Store. To Help You Navigate Our Website Efficiently And Effortlessly Without Confusion Or Interruption. Easily Browse Our Online Platform To Find What You’re Looking For. High Quality Products Delivered To Your Door With The Click Of A Single Button. Browse From Our Large Range Of Products And Select Your Desired Size And Colour. We Offer A Variety Of Payment Methods And Aswell As A Range Of Different Shipping Options For Your Convenience. So, Using Our Website Map Offers The Chance For You To Understand How And Where To Navigate. As Well As The Best Way To Do So. Fast, Simple And Reliable Are Our Service Priorities. Style, Performance, Comfort And Quality Are 4 Key Priorities When It Comes To Our Products. The Desire To Be Better Is Why We Are Here. Shop The Intent Mx Store Now To Get Yours Before It’s Gone