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Motocross Gear, What a Great Topic To Break Down, Analyse & Talk About. Majority Of The Time, The Reference Motocross Gear, Describes 3 Main Products; Dirt Bike Jerseys, Dirt Bike Pants & Dirt Bike Gloves. These 3 Motocross Garments Can Come In a Large Range Of Gear Set Types. Made With Purpose Generated Fabrics With a Multitude Of Design Techniques To Suit Almost Any Dirt Bike Adventure, Race or Track Day. From Light Weight, Ventilated & Resistance Free Fabrics Designed & Applied To Certain Products To Help You Stay Focused On The Track As An Elite Racer. Or, Simply Providing a Comfy Set Of Gear With Performance Based Functionality At An Affordable Price. So You Can Look Forward To Throwing Your Intent Mx Gear On KnowingYou Will Stay Cool & Comfortable On Your Ride. Wherever or Whatever That May Be, Contesting For Championships & Race Wins, A Track Day or a Simple Ride Out On The Weekend With Your Mates. It’s Extremely Important To Stay Focus On Riding Your Dirt Bike. Whilst We, Will Continue To Make High Quality Products You Love & Love To Wear. Mx Gear Unparalleled With Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality To Keep You At The Top Of Your Game. So Let’s Break All 3 down:

Motocross Jerseys:

So Let’s Talk About Dirt Bike Jerseys. Generally, Mx Jerseys Are Made From 100% Polyester With Very Little Ventilation & Minimal To No Stretch. It’s 2021, This Is Now Unacceptable, So We Are Here To Change That. With All Of Intent Mx Jerseys Being Made From Fabrics With High Flow Ventilation & Resistance Free Movement. With Integrated Fabrics To Allow For Both High Flow Ventilation & 4 Way Stretch. For Ultimate Comfort & Freedom Of Movement Combined With Next To Nothing Light Weight Feel, Fit & Functionality. We Tried To Carry These Prioritised Categories Into All 4 Of Our Jersey Types To Best Suite Your Preferred Gear Set. We Currently Have, or Are Looking To Have 4 Of These Dirt Bike Gear Models Available by July 2021. Starting With Our High End Premium Motocross Gear Model Called “Infinite”. The “Infinite” Gear Line Has An Extremely Comfortable & Unprecedented Freedom of Movement & Lightweight Fabrics Without Compromising Overall Integrity. The Infinite Motocross Jersey Is Made Of a Silky, Soft, Resistance Free & Highly Ventilated Hex Mesh Fabric. Designed For The Modern Racer With Sleek Designs & Tailored Fitment To Reduce Drag Thus Reducing Overall Fatigue Levels & An Increase In Your Performance. The “Spectrum” Jersey Should Be A Mixture Of Modern Race Wear & Functional Protection. Whilst Minimising Weight & Combining High Quality 4 Way Stretch Fabrics With Ergonomic Product Designs. Just Like Our Infinite & Spectrum Dirt Bike Jerseys, The “Ace” Jersey Is The Lowest Priced Jersey In Our Line Up of New Dirt Bike Gear. Also Made From A 4 Way Stretch Main Body Fabric. This Makes For A Comfortable & Resistance Free Jersey. Simplistic Sophistication, Jerseys You Love To Wear.

Motocross Pants

Dirt Bike Pants, Here We Are.  Motocross Pants Have Changed a Considerably Large Amount In The Last 5 Years. From Tough, Heavy & Uncomfortable Fabrics. Baggy, Loud & Easily Torn. Compare That To Today’s Market & The Quality, Style & Fitment Of Dirt Bike Gear. As Well As Exactly How The Motocross Pants Are Made & Worn. Heavy, Baggy & Outdated Fabric & Uncomfortable Pant Designs Are No Longer Around, Thank God. Introducing The Infinite Dirt Bike Pant, Spectrum Dirt Bike Pant & Ace Dirt Bike Pant. Lightweight Without Compromising On Overall Integrity & Quality, Complete Resistance Free Movement & Comfortable Inner Liner Combined With Precision Placed Ventilation Ports To Keep You Cool No Matter The Conditions. There’s Nothing Worse Than Sweat Drenched Knee Braces & Boots After A Days Ride or Race Meet. That’s Why One Of Our Primary Focuses Were Removing Any Excess Bulk, Thick & Invasive Fabrics To Be Replaced With Lighter, Stronger & More Breathable Fabrics. Pant Fabrics With Far More Stretch Without Needing To Add Any Further Stretch Panels. The Infinite Dirt Bike Pant Is Constructed Entirely Of A Polyester Spandex Blended Fabric For Unlimited Freedom Of Movement Whilst Still Keeping Temperatures Down. With Precision Cut Laser Perforation Holes & Nylon Stretch Mesh Panels For Even Greater Heat Extraction & Freedom Of Movement. The “Infinite” Motocross Pant Features An Entire Frame Work Of These Newer, Lighter & Stronger Stretch Fabrics. Every Aspect Of The Infinite Dirt Bike Pant Is Constructed Entirely Of These Fabrics. Put Together Using Only The Strongest Silk Thread With Double & Triple Stitched Seams. All 4 Of The Intent Mx Gear Lines Pants Are Sewn Using The Method Of Double Stitched & Triple Stitched Seams In Crucial Areas Of The Pant. The “Spectrum” Intent Mx Pant Is Constructed Of Both Large 4 Way Stretch Panels As Well As Some Rigid Panels For Added Protection & To Minimise Costs. The “Ace” Intent Mx Pant Is The Little Brother To Our Other Two Premium Gear Sets Pant. Still, Consisting Of High Strength & Limitless 4 Way Stretch Fabrics In Some Strategically Placed Panels. – The Larger Percentage Of The Ace Motocross Pant Is Constructed Of Rigid Fabrics To Reduce Manufacturing Costs. This To Allow Us To Provide An Intent Mx Dirt Bike Gear Set At A Minimal Price To suite Any Budget.

Motocross Gloves

High Quality Motocross Gloves Are One Of The Single Most Important Pieces Of Race Wear. With Gloves Being The Mediator & Sole Requirement To Bare The Responsibility Of Keeping Your Hands Binded To Your Dirt Bike. Motocross Gloves Are Also One Of The Most Simple, Yet Technical Products. Dirt Bike Gloves Come In A Large Variety Of Structural Designs As The Progression Of Gloves Is Equally As If Not More Important Than The Glove Itself. The Variety Of Glove Types, It Is Important To Note Which Dirt Bike Hand Wear Is Suitable For You & Your Riding Application. Motocross & Supercross Riders Need Maximum Hand To Bar Feel & Need To Be Able To Notice All Bike & Track Feedback. Whilst Making A Thousand Actions & Decisions A Second Without Even Realising It, Most Of The Time. So, Riders Need To Have The Most Feeling & Control Over The Clutch, Break Lever & Throttle. Whilst Still Managing Superior Grip On The Dirt Bike Handlebars & Minimising, Or Completing Preventing Hand Injuries. To Make These Real Issues An Easy Possibility, You Need To Alleviate All Of The Thick & Heavy Materials From The Origial Dirt Bike Gloves Structure. Heavy, Restrictive & Uncomfortable.

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Shop The Intent Mx Store – High Quality Australian Owned Motocross Gear Designed & Aimed Directly at Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality.

World Class Motocross Gear Built For All Riders To Keep You Feeling Good, Riding Good & Looking Good.

Unprecedented Designs & Unparalleled Performance. Be Bold, Be Different. Live Fast & Ride Faster With High Flow Infinite Stretch Motocross Gear.

Browse The Intent Mx Store To Shop All Mx Gear Sets, Jerseys, Pants & Gloves. High Quality Motocross Products, Comfort Guarantee. 

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Motocross Athletes, Supercross Athletes, Weekend Warriors, Trail Riders & All Of Those Who Share The Passion For Dirt Bikes – Intent Mx & Our Range Of Motocross Gear, Lifestyle Clothing & Mx Accessories Were Built With Passion, Innovation & The Desire To Be Better; For You.

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Intent Mx Is An Australian Owned Motocross Brand Of High Quality Motocross Gear, Mx Accessories & Casual Clothing.  Based In Adelaide, South Australia; Support An Australian Business & Be Provided With High Quality Motocross Gear, Lifestyle Clothing & Mx Accessories At An Affordable Price. Easy & Fast Express Shipping World Wide.

    Mx Gear Sets Including Mx Jerseys, Pants & Gloves. Sold Separately Or Bundled Into Gear Sets & Gear Combos. Our Motocross Gear Line Up Exceeds Any Prior Standards For Motocross Gear From Any Of The Biggest Mx Brands Out. Browse The Intent Mx Store For All Motocross Gear Set Combos,  Mx Gear Sets & All Individual Dirt bike Products Such As Our Range Of Jerseys, Pants &  Gloves. World Class Motocross Gear Utilising Premium Fabrics With High Quality Workmanship, Fuelled By Innovation & Passion For Motocross. 

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We Are Here To Stay. Join Us – 100% Australian Owned Brand & Online Store. Defined By 4 Key Words; Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality.

As It’s Been Stated, Our Products & Our Ethics As A Company Revolve Around Creating High Quality Motocross Gear & Clothing Accessories. Including Mx Jerseys, Pants & Gloves Persisting To Continue To Bring Innovational Progress Year on Year Out With All Of Our Motocross Gear Line & Lifestyle Clothing. Whilst Restlessly Trying To Minimise The Price Tag, To Make All Of Our Mx Gear, Casual Clothing & Accessories More Affordable For Everyone.

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All Motocross Gear We Provide Is Designed, Manufactured, Stored & Shipped With Love For The Product. The Brands Products Are Available In The Online Store & In All Available Retailers. Superior Levels  Of Functionality, Breathability, Comfort, Quality, Performance & Style. With High Quality, High Flow Infinite Stretch Mx Gear Far Beyond That Of Our Competitors. Intent Mx Is An Australian Owned Motocross Company With Product Integrity As A Key Priority.

Years Of Development, Thousands Of Hours Of Commitment & Ultimately Pursued With The Burning Desire For Innovational Progression. Followed By The Goal To Successfully Bring Intent Mx Into The Sport To Compete With The Biggest Mx Brands & Industry Leaders. We Intend On Doing This By Creating Products Optimised For Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality. Motocross Gear You Will Love & Love to Wear. 

World Class Motocross Gear Built For All Riders To Keep You Feeling Good, Riding Good & Looking Good.

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Our Clothing Is Comfort & Quality Guaranteed. High Quality Lifestyle Apparel & Casual Clothing Made For You To Make Your Mark At The Motocross Track Or Your Favourite Event. SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops & More Accessories On The Online Intent Mx Store. Casual Clothing & Clothing Accessories To Compliment Any Clothing Combination or Mx Gear Set Up. Light Weight & Resistance Free Plush Infinite Stretch Fabric For Unrivalled Levels Of Comfort Without Compromising On Product Quality. SnapBack Hats, T Shirts, Tank Tops & Clothing Accessories Are Of Top Quality & Are All Available On The Online Intent Mx Store Now.

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Check Out The Newest BlackOut Mx Gear Line; Sleek & Versatile.

Run One Set Of Pants With The Choice Of Multiple Jersey Designs. Stay Fresh On A Budget & Line Up In An Entirely New Look Each Gate Drop or Arvo Moto. Shop The Latest Black Out Mx Gear Line On Our Online Store Or A Known Retailer Of Intent Mx Gear. 1 Set Of Black Pants, Multiple Variant Jerseys To Change It Up Each Ride or Event At Your Next Race Day or Show. Style, Performance, Comfort & Quality.

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Also, Don’t Forget To Checkout The Health Supplements & CBD Oil Available In Our Online Store. Such As Our Range Of Health Supplements Including Both Transcending Organics 2500mg & 1000mg CBD Oil. Look Good, Feel Good, Ride & Recover Pain Free. Shop An Australian Brand Of High Quality CBD Oil. Transcending Organics CBD Oil Is 100% Non Psychoactive & Is A Trusted Australian CBD Supplement Brand. A CBD Product I use Multiple Times Daily For Nerve Pain & Muscle Spasticity. As Well As CBD Being Used For An Overall Healthier Body & Life. CBD Is Also Used For Joint Pain, Inflammation & Muscle Recovery. I Trust & Am Very Thankful To Have Access To Such A Great Quality CBD Product. 

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Australian Owned Motocross Gear, Lifestyle Apparel & Casual Clothing.

Our Range Of Products Were Built With Passion, Innovation & The Relentless Desire To Be Better; For You. 

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